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@bogartchristine commented: I have been using the cream for 2 days now. This morning was the first time in the 4 years after my car accident that I got out of bed with no backpain! I am buying some tonight for my college student daughter who has horrible insomnia. Thank you, @kissmybath!


@taimiam commented: Your product seriously does wonders! I love it! @kissmybath


@sunnysistermeg commented: It's definitely made a difference in my sleep @kissmybath going to order more because mine is running out. It's as essential to me as my Shea Butter.



@lcmouser commented: Have had mine about a week and used 3 times! Love it! Leaves your skin super soft and moisturized! @kissmybath

Dr. Susan Cucchiara says: I love these products! Magnesium creams from an entrepreneur who began making her own product from scratch! @kissmybath

@rosela311 commented: It's Magic Baby! If you're on the fence, buy it and try it! You will not be disappointed! @kissmybath

@beauteabeast commented: Let me tell you something. How dare you ship me this 4oz container of MAGIC! I got mine 2 Fridays ago & I applied it to the bottom of my feet like you said, I slept like a baby. @kissmybath

I used your cream on boyfriend's back this morning after he kept complaining at 3AM. By the time I got up at 9AM I asked how he felt. He said awesome, what did you rub on me? It works wonders on pain. @kissmybath